The SeaThread™ Collection

The first fisherman's sweaters made with a soft blend of recycled oyster shells, recycled water bottles, and natural lambswool.

$20k Kickstarter goal funded within the first 2 hours.

We ended our first 24 hours 222% funded with a total of $44k in Kickstarter pledges.


Experts believe that, at our current rates of consumption, plastic will outnumber fish in the sea by the year 2050. Additionally, millions of pounds of oyster shells are discarded and end up in landfills every year. By developing high quality and timeless garments that promote the use of recycled materials, we hope to reduce waste, change the narrative, and clean up our waterways for the next generation.




The design behind our SeaThread Collection was inspired by a vintage fisherman's sweater I pulled out of my father's closet. Always a conversation piece, the garment boasted a timeless pattern with thick ribbed cuffs and collars to promote thermal regulation and warmth for windy days by the water. A true multi-season garment, our sweaters are made from an incredibly soft blend that promotes comfort and versatility above all else.

Our Namesake

Three days after I was born, I was carried
aboard a boat on the Merrimack River in
Newburyport, Massachusetts. I grew up as a
salty, fish & lobster-loving beach baby. My
restlessness and sense of adventure always led
me to getting lost, getting found, and
discovering new things everywhere in between.
Growing up by the sea, I quickly learned the
value of highly versatile and well-made goods
whether we were working the boats or packing
for a trip between seaports.

The Long Wharf Supply Co. was born out of
this life-long appreciation for rugged quality, a
clean aesthetic, and everyday functionality.

Thanks for following our journey.
Mike Lamagna, Founder

Mike Lamagna | 978.758.9282 | @longwharfsupply