Turning waste into T-shirts.

It's no secret ocean plastics are one of the biggest environmental challenges of our generation. Sadly, experts believe plastic could outnumber fish in the sea by 2050.

Additionally, millions of pounds of oyster shells are discarded and end up in landfills every year turning toxic over time while contributing to global waste.

Inspired by a vintage style and classic comfort, we're launching our first SeaWell™ Summer Collection. T-shirts made from a soft blend of recycled oyster shells, recycled water bottles, and cotton.

Each oyster naturally filters 50 gallons of seawater every day.

Every garment diverts approximately 3 oyster shells and 5 water bottles from landfills and we're pleased to report The SeaWell™ Collection is having a quantifiable impact on the communities we care about most.

To date, The SeaWell™ Collection has helped reseed over 1,000,000 oysters which naturally filter 50 million gallons of seawater every day.

By developing high quality and timeless garments that promote the use of recycled materials and that directly support reseeding coastal oyster reefs, we hope to reduce waste, change the narrative, and help clean up our inshore waterways for the next generation.

Each SeaWell™ T-shirt reseeds 200 oysters which naturally filters 10,000 gallons of seawater every day.

The Process.

Our manufacturing partners leverage a patented nanotechnology to create rPET by fusing both recycled oyster shells and recycled water bottles together through an extrusion process. That material is then blended with natural cotton or plant-based rayon to weave some of the finest textiles on the planet adding different benefits or characteristics to our final garments.

The Timeline.

Billion Oyster Project

Widely regarded as one of the best oyster restoration efforts on earth, the team at Billion Oyster Project aims to restore a billion oysters to NY Harbor by 2035 through public education initiatives. In partnership with our friends at Billion Oyster Project, each SeaWell™ T-shirt reseeds 200 oysters and naturally filters 10,000 gallons of seawater every day.

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We're proud to push the edge of innovation. Since 2020, we've helped pioneer the idea that recycled oyster shells and recycled water bottles can be diverted from landfills and turned into high quality garments. Each item from our SeaWell™ Collection is made from recycled materials and directly reseeds oyster reefs to help improve water quality over time among our favorite coastal communities.

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